Creating a strong Identity for your Brand !

The Presentation of a brand at the point of sale is one of the most important aspects for any brand owner. In a world of fast moving consumer goods a strong brand identity has become a deciding factor for the overall success of any brand. Packaging plays a keyrole in the presentation and maintanance of a brand. It actually creates and communicates the identity of the brand and makes it recognizable amongst others.

Jiayi Graphics is a full service provider with extensive Know-How for the complete process from creative Packaging Design, Production Artwork, Pre-Press, Colour- and Print Quality Management.

Process Management from creative Design to the printed Package !

Packaging development for fast moving consumer goods is a complicated and critical process for any Brand owner...


  • Jiayi Graphics to become first Partner in China for German Packaging Software Specialist "PACKZ Software GmbH" !

    28.05.2014 (Shanghai PRC / Freiburg Germany)

    Jiayi Graphics (Shanghai) has become the very first Partner in China for Germany's Software Specialist "PACKZ Software GmbH" in Freiburg  to install their recently introduced Pre-Press Software "PACKZ".

    PACKZ is the first native, interactive PDF Editor with a complete set of editing and quality assurance features such as trapping, separation handling, barcode creation, dynamic creation of marks and information panels and object based screening.

    "Offering unique functionality and ease of use, PACKZ lets us control every aspect of digital Artwork Production from design import and layout to technical color separation, step and repeat and final output of printing plates or print ready  digital files", says Gerrit Sander, Senior Consultant at Jiayi Graphics.

  • Jiayi Graphics installes ESKO's  "Automation Engine" !

    16.05.2014 (Shanghai / PRC)

    Jiayi Graphics (Shanghai) announces the installation of ESKO's supreme prepress workflow automation System "Automation Engine".

    ESKO's Automation Engine is a modular workflow server to create dynamic automated pre-press workflow's in order to enhance efficiency and throughput in the pre-press process.

    "Automation Engine is the heart of our production environment and can be dynamically linked to our order management and MIS System, so that critical Job ispecifications only need to be entered once during the initial job creation and then carried forward through the complete process".

  • Jiayi Graphics installes GMG's "Flexo Proof" and "Proof Control" advanced Color Management Systems !

    10.03.2014 (Shanghai / PRC)

    Jiayi Graphics (Shanghai) installes GMG's Flexo Proof and Proof Control Color Management Systems !

    Color Management is one of the most critical process in packaging pre-press.

    When producing contract proofs for brand owners is utmost important to simulate the final printed result of a design during the artproducton and pre-press phase.

    Germany headquartered company GMG is the leading company for advanced color management solutions for the packaging industry.

    Jiayi Graphics rely on GMG Technology for Color Management and Color accurate Proofing. "With GMG's Dot Proofing Technology we can precisely simulate the screening effects and dot gain simulations of the various printing processes and press characteristics."

Production Art

Production Artwork is our process of converting your design file into the final technical artwork...

Color Separations

Over two decades of experience in Color Separation for all major printing processes...

Flexo Printing Plates

Jiayi Graphics is one of the largest Flexo Plate Producers in China and a pioneer in flexo printing...

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud based collaboration services enables all stake-holders to collaborate in a cloud based environment...

InkPilot® & Print Analyzer®

With the advanced process control System InkPilot® and Print Analyzer® we offer an unique and exclusive software system for print process control that is unmatched in the market.