Process Management from creative Design ... to the printed Package !

Packaging development for fast moving consumer goods is a complicated and critical process for any Brand owner.

Several internal and external stakeholders are usually involved in the process such as technical Packaging Developers and Production Plants, Marketeers and Creative Agencies, Pre-Press Companies, Printers and Packaging Suppliers as well as Procurement and Legal Departments.

Time to Market !

In order to speed up the overall time to market it is essential to be aware of any technical limitations in printing  and production already during the initial design process while still giving maximum creative freedom tho the Designers and Production Artists.

Jiayi Graphics combines the creative knowledge of graphic design and production art with the technical knowledge of  structural packaging development and industrial printing.

As a central communication interface between marketing, creative agency as well as production plant and packaging suppliers we can help you to bring your products faster and better to the market.